The Marigold at 11th Street - Washington, DC

Faced with the growing number of frail low income seniors, The District of Columbia (DC) Housing Authority has transformed a public housing building into a state-of-the art assisted living facility. The renovation was made possible through a stimulus grant. This is the first public housing assisted living facility in Washington, DC.

Centrally located, the facility caters to public housing seniors and others in the community needing services to age in place. The facility provides a host of amenities and services that include an adult day care center, wellness center, activity room, commercial kitchen and dining area. All units have a full bathroom, kitchenette and living room.

The D.C. Housing Authority is one of the largest in the nation with thousands of public housing units throughout the District of Columbia. The demand for this type of affordable assisted living continues to grow exponentially but there are few, if any, providers catering exclusively to low income seniors.

Mia Senior Living is under contract with the housing authority to implement and manage this unique program. The project will receive rental subsidies from the housing authority. The facility opened Summer 2014.

Oasis at Scholars Landing – Atlanta, Georgia

Oasis at Scholars Landing is a unique project in more ways than one. Partially funded by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs Low Income Tax Housing Credit special needs set-aside, it is one of the very few facilities in the country catering to senior Veterans and their spouses. Located in Atlanta, Georgia this new construction, 60 one bedroom unit facility, has been carefully designed with many amenities and services to enhance the well-being and privacy of residents. The first floor will include a beauty salon, television, computer, quiet and exercise rooms, administrative offices, activity rooms and a covered patio. All the private resident’s units will have full bathrooms and kitchens, living areas and bedrooms. Facility opening is Summer 2015.

Research on unmet needs of frail Veterans in the area revealed a growing void of available permanent housing and services. Oasis at Scholars Landing will help close the gap in the continuum of care for low income senior Veterans and their spouses, some of whom are homeless. The project will receive Section 8 rental subsidies from the Atlanta Housing Authority. This project is the first of several planned between The Integral Group and Mia Senior Living Solutions.

Oasis at 30th - Indianapolis, Indiana

Oasis at 30th is a 124-unit full service affordable assisted living facility that will be developed with a combination of tax exempt bonds, senior debt and equity. The majority of apartments will be affordable to low-income seniors. The average charge in a private assisted living facility is beyond the average income of elderly residents in the community that live on very restricted incomes. Due to a shortage of assisted living facilities accepting Medicaid Waiver reimbursement, one of the only options for low-income seniors is to enter nursing home care prematurely. The average cost to care for someone residing in a nursing home cost is approximately three times greater than the average cost to care for that individual in an assisted living facility. Our affordable assisted living project will not only result in considerable savings to the state and federal Medicaid budget but it will reduce healthcare costs and create new jobs. Facility opening is Summer 2015.

The facility will provide three meals a day and the service staff will assist residents with the activities of daily living along with medication management, housekeeping, laundry, and transportation. The building amenities include a parlor, hair salon, computer center, fitness center, dining room, and an activity room with accompanying outside activity terrace. The apartments will be one bedroom units that will be fully accessible and designed to accommodate the needs of the resident population.

The Integral Group will develop the property. Mia Senior Living Solution's management division, Mia Senior Management, will manage the services and property.