Senator Mel Martinez

Congressional Record, September 2006

"Mr. Martinez, Mr. President, today I congratulate Mrs. Conchy Bretos of Miami, FL, recipient of the 2006 Purpose Prize. She became the driving force behind the Helen Sawyer building in Miami, the Nation's first public housing project to offer assisted living services. Her efforts have resulted in the creation of similar services in 40 public housing projects in a dozen States, allowing many older adults to maintain their independence while they receive the care they need."

Daryl Jones

Vice President Real Estate Development, The Integral Group LLC

"Mia Senior Living Solutions, who is highly skilled and knowledgeable, approaches assignments with energy and enthusiasm. They make very effective recommendations based on their years of experience in the marketplace with a wide network of clients and relationships. Their approach, professionalism, and expertise are without fault. Mia Senior Living Solutions takes pride in their work and are very ethical and are fair-minded in all their dealings."

Shirley Boubert

Project Manager, DC Housing Enterprises

"We appreciate Mia Senior Living Solutions' efforts in guiding us step by step through a very involved licensing and start-up process to provide services to our seniors. We appreciate Mia's assistance as we charter into a new line of business and are happy to say that DCHA looks forward to the firms support in helping to deliver exceptional housing with wrap around services to residents of the Marigold at 11th Street."

Debbie Martin

Pinellas County Housing Authority, Chief Financial Officer

"Mia Senior Living Solutions utilizes their proficient knowledge of a complicated billing process of various funding sources available through the State of Florida. They maintain the daily operations of this highly regulated industry with quality and professionalism and prioritize the welfare of the residents. The residents of Magnolia Gardens appreciate the attention, care and concern that they receive from the Mia staff. "

Raul Fernandez

President, Miami-Dade Housing Agency Development Corporation

"Mia Senior Living Solutions has successfully implemented a new idea of providing high quality services to the frailest, most needed and often forgotten segment of our community - the elderly poor. Mia Senior Living Solutions has both the qualifications and determination to make these innovative projects a tremendous success."

Bob Lambert

Executive Director, Titusville Towers ALF

"We are fortunate to have Mia Senior Living Solutions as our friend and consultant in undertaking this new and important endeavor on behalf of our frail elders. Both the personal qualities and professional experience of the firm places it in a class of its own."

Dale Gravett

Executive Director, Millville Housing Authority Assisted Living Program

"Mia Senior Living Solutions has developed strong and effective ties with the aging and legislative network given their extensive experience and reputation in this field. We are fortunate to have Mia Senior Living Solutions as our partners in establishing this pioneering and highly successful project."